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This is where the broken vessel is cauterised and totally removes the redness from the vein.
If repeated, see your GP and the area can be cauterised.
Tizzard snr said: "He had his palate cauterised in the summer and I've been very pleased with his work.
After he was unable to breathe in the Champion Hurdle, he had his palate cauterised by respiratory specialist Ben Brain, and he has returned every year since, but his breathing is no longer 100 per cent and it's better to call time when he can still win," said Hennessy.
An antibiotic ointment helps, but often the vessels need cauterised.
He would be my main hope, but Praxiteles has a nice low weight and has had his palate cauterised since Aintree.
But if, like us, you tend to get nosebleeds when you reach either Glengormley or Dunmurry (Brendan, weaned on Black's Road, literally, on the Belfast borough boundary, needed his nose cauterised at age 10 to stem the flow
Liz Doyle, trainer of Twelfth Of Never "She had her palate cauterised between her last two runs.
But the wound was cauterised so there was no bleeding.