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The bleeding source was then cauterised using a guarded bipolar diathermy probe.
If they are very frequent the veins can be cauterised.
See your GP about having the vein cauterised under local anaesthetic.
This is where the broken vessel is cauterised and totally removes the redness from the vein.
She was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, Norfolk where doctors cauterised her nose.
After he was unable to breathe in the Champion Hurdle, he had his palate cauterised by respiratory specialist Ben Brain, and he has returned every year since, but his breathing is no longer 100 per cent and it's better to call time when he can still win," said Hennessy.
But the wound was cauterised so there was no bleeding.
An antibiotic ointment helps, but often the vessels need cauterised.
He would be my main hope, but Praxiteles has a nice low weight and has had his palate cauterised since Aintree.