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1 a formal warning given to a person suspected or accused of an offence that his words will be taken down and may be used in evidence.
2 a warning to a person by the police, or in Scotland by the Procurator Fiscal, that while it is considered that there is enough evidence for a prosecution, no such prosecution will take place but that the matter will be kept on file.
3 a notice entered on the register of title to land that prevents a proprietor from disposing of land without a notice to the person who entered the caution.
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CAUTION. A term of the Roman civil law, which is used in various senses. It signifies, sometimes, security, or security promised. Generally every writing is called cautio, a caution by which any object is provided for. Vicat, ad verb. In the common law a distinction is made between a contract and the security. The contract may be good and the security void. The contract may be divisible, and the security entire and indivisible. 2 Burr, 1082. The securities or cautions judicially required of the defendant, are, judicio sisti, to attend and appear during the pendency of the suit; de rato, to confirm the acts of his attorney or proctor; judicium solvi, to pay the sum adjudged against him. Coop. Just. 647; Hall's Admiralty Practice, 12; 2 Brown, Civ. Law, 356.

CAUTION, TURATORY, Scotch law. Juratory caution is that which a suspender swears is the best he can offer in order to obtain a suspension. Where the suspender cannot, from his low or suspected circumstances, procure unquestionable security, juratory caution is admitted. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4, 3, 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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That rate is nearly four times worse than the one in every 118 white boys also cautioned and sentenced in the same period.
Across England and Wales there were 14,373 children convicted or cautioned in 2017/18.
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According to criminal law specialists Cartwright King, a police interview under caution is "an interview that is conducted in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.
In total some 6,728 people of all ages got their first conviction or a caution for criminal behaviour during this time in the West Midlands.
An offender must admit they are guilty of the crime in order to be given a caution.
There are several cautions found in the aircraft technical guidance that warns maintainers to use caution when removing multiple parts from the front of the aircraft.
Muscat: Royal Oman Police (ROP) advised all drivers to take caution while taking their family out during Eid Al Adha holidays, in addition to abiding by the traffic regulations to preserve their lives as well as of others'.
But charges were dropped after he accepted a police caution for two counts for making a total of 18 indecent images.
But the charges were dropped when he accepted a caution on two counts for making a total of 18 indecent images.