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Cautiously and silently drawing the wooden bar he pushed gently against the panel to find that the door swung easily and noiselessly outward into utter darkness.
Peeling about, he discovered that he was in a narrow corridor which he followed cautiously for a few yards to be brought up suddenly by what appeared to be a ladder across the passageway.
Summary: Motorists have been advised to drive cautiously for their safety.
Global Banking News-May 10, 2017--Draghi cautiously optimistic on Eurozone
We're cautiously optimistic he'll be all right for the South Africa game.
For the full year, Beiersdorf "remains cautiously optimistic" and confirmed its guidance.
by Staff Reporter Motorists on the roads have been advised to drive cautiously by Royal Oman Police.
THE ONLY explanation for ground advantage in football that fits the facts is that teams play differently depending on the venue - more adventurously at home, more cautiously away.
The phrase is such a perfect description for our recent, cautiously optimistic times that it could've been used way too often to describe far too many things: Retailers were cautiously optimistic heading to trade shows; vendors were cautiously optimistic heading to trade shows.
It's better than 50/50 at this stage, I'm cautiously optimistic," said Mole.
I do not want to prejudge anything", he went on to say, adding that "I am cautiously optimistic that progress so far is not negative.
International investors are cautiously optimistic about the ongoing "social movement" in Turkey, the international coordinator for the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSA[degrees]AD) said in a telephone interview with the Hurriyet Daily News yesterday.