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In these few cavalier songs we can see the spirit of the times.
There is another song by a cavalier poet which I should like to give you.
So these lyric poets were divided into two classes, the religious poets and the court poets, gay cavaliers these last who sang love-songs, love- songs, too, in which we often seem to hear the clash of swords.
The cavalier laughed aloud, which appeared to exasperate Milady still more.
It appears to me that this cavalier has made you very angry.
I do not think that any honorable cavalier could ask for better chance of advancement than might be had by spurring forth before the army and riding to the gateways of Narbonne, or Bergerac or Mont Giscar, where some courteous gentleman would ever be at wait to do what he might to meet your wish or ease you of your vow.
and in his youth it was no uncommon thing for a cavalier to abide for weeks at such a point, holding gentle debate with all comers, to his own advancement and the great honor of his lady.
The cavalier replied with words no less polite, and then, all closing in around him, they set out with him for the city, to the music of the clarions and the drums.
Marie Michon, who made the most charming cavalier in the world, pushed open the door, put her head in and asked for hospitality.
A cavalier, charged with an important mission, had come an hour before your arrival, seeking hospitality, at the very moment that the cure, summoned to the bedside of a dying person, left not only his house but the village, for the entire night.
The young man, in the meantime, dismounted; and whilst the others were making their remarks upon the fine horse the cavalier rode, the soldier returned.
Others thrust iron hooks into the necks of the cavaliers and dragged them down.