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You claim the mantle of the Constitution as a basis for supporting a Shariah-Islamist mosque at Ground Zero, yet the MTA - a government agency of the City - cavalierly denies 'infidels' freedom of speech.
Third, the Netanyahu government has cavalierly ignored Washington's approach to the Middle East by inflaming the settlements issue.
He cavalierly disregards the law and previous court rulings in his efforts to keep the operations of the Worcester Police Department secret," Mr.
The time of poetic cavalierly and aggrandising heroism with all its meaning has ended.
Davis' hard line and reflexive rejection of paroles for rehabbed prisoners not only undercut the parole board's authority, it also created the false public impression that parole boards cavalierly allow killers to waltz out of prison to pillage and plunder their communities.
So, at home, the layoff season is cavalierly underway to shore up corporate profits.
Regulars on TV political talk shows cavalierly confess to Kurtz and Fallows that they know little more about the topics they discuss than what they glean from colleagues and the day's newspapers.
For far too long, concerns about the substantive, transactional, and transitional complexity spawned by tax law changes have been given short shrift and cavalierly dismissed as self-serving smoke screens -- even where the concerns are voiced by taxpayers and IRS alike.
We will move immediately for reimbursement of the substantial legal fees incurred in this court fight, which the state cavalierly launched knowing that every other court in America had struck down these kinds of statutes," said Lowenstein.
He just can't accept a government that cares so little for him and his life that it would cavalierly send him back into service when he was supposedly under no further obligation.
The selective omission of this vital disclosure from Newmont's SEC filings is a real-time demonstration of the gross fraud Newmont is cavalierly practicing on the at-risk investment community.
No Gray area here: After enduring years of covering sports and its ``unabashed homophobia that is so cavalierly tolerated,'' Boston Herald sports writer Ed Gray came out in a column this week, not only admitting he was gay but pushing for major sports leagues to stop allowing such attitudes to be acceptable without punishment.