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The other lights advanced, and then, to the great astonishment of Professor Bumper and his friends, there confronted them in the cave several scientists of Professor Beecher's party and a score or more of Indians.
I start twelve immensely strong wires -- naked, not insulated -- from a big dynamo in the cave -- dynamo with no brushes except a positive and a negative one --"
When the people heard this resolve of his, they came and told him there was a pitiless dragon in human disguise in the Haunted Cave, a dread creature which no knight had yet been bold enough to face, and begged him to rid the land of its desolating presence.
Now while he lay and wondered, the mouth of the cave was darkened, and through it entered that same lad who had done battle with the lioness and been overthrown by her, bearing a dead buck upon his shoulders.
I had followed this trail for perhaps a hundred yards when a sharp turn to the right brought me to the mouth of a large cave.
At the head of the harbour there is a spring of clear water coming out of a cave, and there are poplars growing all round it.
Well, if you come to think of it there are eighteen cave openings on the hill-side above us.
My eyes had now become quite used to the subdued light of the interior, and as I pursued my investigation I presently came upon a rough ladder at the far side of the cave.
As we talked we had been approaching the entrance to the cave, and as we crossed the threshold I ceased to wonder that the ancient green enemies of the yellow men had been halted by the horrors of that awful way.
I think it will be best to run by the Giant's cave as fast as we can go.
Along this I advanced, and at a sudden turning, a few yards beyond the canyon's end, the path widened, and at my left I saw the opening to a large cave.
As I stood thus thinking, another door, this time at one of the long sides of the arena, was thrown open, and into the theater of death slunk a mighty tarag, the huge cave tiger of the Stone Age.