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CAVIL. Sophism, subtlety. Cavilis a captious argument, by which a conclusion evidently false, is drawn from a principle evidently true: Ea est natura cavillationis ut ab evidenter veris, per brevissimas mutationes disputatio, ad ea quce evidentur falsa sunt perducatur. Dig. 60, 16, 177 et 233; Id. 17, 65; Id. 33, 2, 88.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And one more cavil: Korda takes Thomas Rymer's "clutter," in the phrase "to raise ...
In spite of these kinds of cavils, this new edition of Steinberg's comprehensive history is a splendid, scholarly work to a complex subject.
Such cavils, however, only suggest that I have an unrealizable cinematic Hamlet in my mind.
2) is evidently a misspelling of "Na'im." These cavils apart, the book is commended as much more than a coffee-table collection of interesting photographs.
However, the enjoyment the editor takes in Sterry's radiance more than makes up for these cavils.
More bibliographic detail would have been desirable in the individual-author entries, with the place of publication and the name of the publisher identified along with the year of issuance of books discussed or named, but that is one of the very few cavils a reader/user of the encyclopedia might interpose.
Some cavils might be made concerning its completeness; it omits not only Shelley's two early Gothic shockers and the Notes to Queen Mab but also (I think regrettably) his translations.
Just two small cavils: it is a pity that there is no formal bibliography, although Any's wealth of reference is immense.
But in a pioneering work of such scope, these cavils are paltry indeed.
To my comments on the first volume (JTS, NS, xli (199O), 720-22) I would add only two mild cavils concerning the Latin text.