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In restorative dentistry, thermal changes have been evaluated using several approaches, such as cavity preparation, light curing, laser application, bonding, and debonding [4, 5, 23].
Teeth filled with BTS showed inflammatory infiltrate that varied from moderate (25%) to severe (50%), especially in proximity to the cavity preparation. The blood vessels were ingurgited, with no sign of necrosis (Figure 2).
The cavity preparations were etched using 35% phosphoric acid (Scotchbond Etchant, 3M-Espe) for 15 s, rinsed with an air-water spray for 15 s, and blotted dry with absorbent paper.
The primary anesthetic efficacy parameter in this study was the subjective evaluation of pain during access cavity preparation and pulp extirpation.
The cavity preparation with the Er:YAG laser could be an alternative for fearful children in pediatric dentistry.
Two standardized class V cavity preparations for each tooth (total 50 cavities) were made with a no.
As such, the aim of the current pilot study was to determine the effect of an introductory Clinical Skills Program on the development of two tasks aimed at teaching a Class II cavity preparation technique.
Table I: Indications and laser wavelengths in dentistry Application Laser system Cavity preparation Er:YAG Endodontics Nd:YAG, diode, Er:YAG Calculus removal Er:YAG, ErCr:YSGG Epithelial removal CO2, diode, Nd:YAG, ErYAG Drug-induced gingival CO2, diode overgrowth Peri-implant gingival CO2, diode overgrowth Peri-implantitis theraphy CO2, diode, Er:YAG Soft tissue tumors CO2, diode, Nd:YAG, Er: YAG Preprosthetic surgery CO2, diode Precancerous lesions CO2, Er:YAG Bone removal Er:YAG, Er,Cr:YSGG Bleeding disorders Nd:YAG, diode, CO2 Bacterial reduction PDT, diode Phototherapy soft lasers
Lasers for removal of carious lesions and cavity preparation--Laser systems can be used for effective caries removal and cavity preparation without significant thermal effects, collateral damage to tooth structure, or patient discomfort.
"The difference between cartooning and dentistry is that thousands of people see your cartoon, but as a dentist, only you can see how great the cavity preparation you made is before you put the restoration on it."
Although not statistically significant, fewer cracks were observed in roots obturated with ProRoot MTA following resection and cavity preparation, regardless of the presence or absence of the butterfly effect.