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LLLT application prior to cavity preparation with laser, makes cavity preparation more comfortable and effective and has special advantages in the treatment of children.
Comparison of ART and conventional cavity preparations for glass-ionomer cement restorations in primary molars: 12-month results.
When dentine is removed during cavity preparation, either with rotary or manual instruments, mineralized matrix is lost and debris from the preparation is left behind.
Each group was then subdivided into two sub-groups according to cavity preparation type (2-surface or 3-surface cavities).
Because a recent review has addressed both ART and Tunnel restoration [Foley, 2006] this review only considered conventional cavity preparations
Treatment: An adhesive restoration using air abrasion system for cavity preparation was the treatment proposed for removing the carious lesion on the palatal surface of tooth 83.
Nasdaq: NIIS) today announced that it has entered into an OEM agreement in principle to market air abrasion cavity preparation equipment manufactured under the New Image name by Sunrise Technologies, Inc.
The KCP 2000 kinetic cavity preparation system uses a high-velocity stream of kinetic particles to prepare teeth for restoration and is made available to dentists by the Patterson Dental Company.
This offers a more conservative treatment alternative than other laser types which have been previously cleared for caries removal and cavity preparation.
8 million of extraordinary expenses related to developing the company's new kinetic cavity preparation instrument (KCP 2000), legal expenses that included protecting ADL patents and distribution, and non-recurring tax accruals.
This clearance follows the October announcement of the FDA clearance to market the Centauri(TM) Er:YAG laser for use on children for such selected hard-tissue procedures as caries (decay) removal and cavity preparation.