cease existing

See: decease
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There would not be a single municipality willing to merge with another and cease existing. On many issues, consensus does not work even though politicians love to pay lip service to it.
empires, and this empire will also cease existing," President Saakashvili stressed.
The Palestinian Authority was supposed to cease existing on May 4, 1999, the date a final status agreement was to take effect.
However, these have not been tested sufficiently to help categorize the Union either as a viable gamble - if the differences that led to its slump are to cease existing - or as mere illusions that must now be discarded and replaced by a different alternative.
They are not attracting GenXers into the club, and the effect is causing the club to slowly cease existing.
They would cease existing. That would be a truly unnatural act, of course--one no selfrespecting tree, furbish lousewort, or moose would consider.