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A shower of poisoned darts blown from half a hundred sumpitans fell about them, and then Muda Saffir called to his warriors to cease using their deadly blow-pipes lest they kill the girl.
The SDC Entities also allege that Align has breached confidentiality provisions applicable to the SDC Financial LLC members and demands that Align cease all activities related to the Invisalign store pilot project, close existing Invisalign stores and cease using SDC's confidential information.
Because of the issue caused by the mining device, Rosario was ordered to cease using it or risk violating federal laws for interfering with the operation of the mobile network.
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman recently requested that the State Department cease using the word "occupation" to describe Israel's control of the West Bank, according to a report on Israeli broadcasting channel Kan.
The Houthi-Saleh authorities should take immediate steps to ensure that affiliated forces cease using antipersonnel mines, destroy any antipersonnel mines they possess, and appropriately punish those using these indiscriminate weapons," Human Rights Watch said in a statement.
Upon receipt of a complaint, Companies House would contact the party using the name in order to obtain an explanation and to encourage them to cease using the name.
Customers should immediately cease using the products and return it to any Woolworths or Safeway supermarkets for a full refund.
PARIS, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- France-based NGO Handicap International on Thursday called on belligerents in global conflicts to cease using deadly cluster bombs, which have been banned by signatories of an international convention in 2010.
San Francisco Bay Area forecast office in Monterey, California, on the Service's recent decision to cease using all-capital letters in its forecasts.
The security of Syria and that of its neighboring countries, said Abdullahian, "would be guaranteed once external players cease using terrorism as a tool and once there is a serious will to confront extremism.
The FTC did not mention a monetary component to the settlement, noting only that the dealers agreed to cease using misleading ads.
Boro wrote to Steve calling for Dudley Lions to cease using the logo at the earliest opportunity, with head of communications and supporters services, Paul Dews, insisting the Riverside club had to protect their trademark to prevent further breaches.