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TRUCE, intern. law. An agreement between belligerent parties, by which they mutually engage to forbear all acts of hostility against each other for some time, the war still continuing. Burlamaqui's N. & P. Law, part 4, c. 11, Sec. 1.
     2. Truces are of several kinds: general, extending to all the territories and dominions of both parties; and particular, restrained to particular places; as, for example, by sea, and not by land, &c. Id. part 4, c. 11, Sec. 5. They are also absolute, indeterminate and general; or limited and determined to certain things, for example, to bury the dead. Ib. idem. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 159; Com. Dig. Admiralty, E 8; Bac. Ab.;Prerogative, D 4; League; Peace; War.

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Erdogan said he held a telephone conversation with the Libyan prime minister a while ago, citing him saying that the Libyan government had declared a full ceasefire.
We believe that a ceasefire at this time might have positive results towards developing a political and peaceful solution," Teken said.
They are assessing what has been achieved on the ceasefire, with subcommittees formed to pay fields visits to various areas to inspect progress and make sure that the rebels are committed to the deal.
The ceasefire terms included that the Houthi rebels hand over Yemen and Saudi captives.
The rebels broke the ceasefire and carried out a series of attacks in Iqab district which resulted in dead and wounded among our troops," Qussi added.
Sanaa had earlier rejected a ceasefire by the Houthi, calling it a "media maneuver" on their part.
Aid agencies referred to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza long before the end of the ceasefire.
The Bush administration is pressing for a ceasefire that would include three elements: a halt to rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, the opening of border crossings into the territory and an end to smuggling into the area through tunnels from Egypt.
Both Israel and Hamas have frequently accused one another of violating the ceasefire throughout the past six months, yet the ceasefire was still considered alive.
Speaking from his home in Fife, Mr Brown said: "It's international pressure in these last few days from many countries that has now brought this immediate ceasefire that's now shared by Georgia and Russia.
The South Side's Roseland community, where CeaseFire began operating in October 2006, has seen the biggest increase in the number of shootings, from 15 between September 2006 and March 2007 to 22 during the same period one year later.
The Ceasefire podcast series will be updated each Wednesday throughout the summer and fall until the elections in November, with each episode specifically focused on a different health care reform topic.