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But here, by carrying with me one ceaseless source of regret in my sister's absence, I may reasonably hope to have all my expectations of pleasure realised.
If tenderness could be ever supposed wanting, good sense and good breeding supplied its place; and as to the little irritations sometimes introduced by aunt Norris, they were short, they were trifling, they were as a drop of water to the ocean, compared with the ceaseless tumult of her present abode.
Doubtless, the height of the tower, seated as it was on the hill-top, the rushing of the ceaseless wind, the hypnotic effect of the lofty altitude of the speck in the sky at which he gazed, and the rushing of the paper messengers up the string till sight of them was lost in distance, all helped to further affect his brain, undoubtedly giving way under the strain of beliefs and circumstances which were at once stimulating to the imagination, occupative of his mind, and absorbing.
and one after another poured in a ceaseless stream out of the vast forest that had concealed them and, separating, flowed on and on by the three bridges to the other side.
Vassenka Veslovsky kept up alone a ceaseless flow of cheerful chatter.
Ceaseless slavery meeting with no reward; constant gentleness and kindness met by cruelty as constant; love, labour, patience, watchfulness, without even so much as the acknowledgement of a good word; all this, how many of them have to bear in quiet, and appear abroad with cheerful faces as if they felt nothing.
They rather enabled her to support the other calamity under which she was suffering, and from the thoughts of which she was kept by the ceaseless calls of the invalid.
Let us now move from ageless Anand to ceaseless chess.
He said the cowardly terrorist act expresses the militias' confused state and ceaseless subjecting the region's security and stability to gross dangers.
It affords pleasure on so many levels - solitude, companionship and ceaseless reminders of the splendours from sunrise to sunset of nature at its most jewelled" Lord (Melvyn) Bragg on the World Heritage status being given to the Lake District
Sri Lankans and Americans who knew the late Mahanayake respected his ceaseless efforts to improve the lives of all Sri Lankans through his advocacy for peace and reconciliation based upon the teachings of Lord Buddha.
The ceaseless tension drove the Lebanese army to intervene and dispatch military patrols in the area.