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The gentle motion and the black shapes that were drawn ceaselessly across his eyes had the effect of making it impossible for him to think.
One o'clock struck, two, three, four--and still the slips flew about all round him; still the untiring pen scraped its way ceaselessly from top to bottom of the page, still the white chaos of paper rose higher and higher all round his chair.
Except for these strange outbreaks they kept silence, moving on ceaselessly.
We are confidently, consistently and ceaselessly working to integrate our economy with the world," Modi said and emphasized that "India and the UK are economically made for each other.
Younger Afghans feel there's no future for them in a country that is ceaselessly at war
Organized through their chambers, but also individually, businessmen are ceaselessly calling on the political parties to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.
The Israeli regime has been ceaselessly breaching the Cairo-brokered ceasefire accord signed with Palestinian resistance factions in the wake of last summer's aggression on the blockaded Gaza Strip.
He's finished off increasing numbers of GPs who can't cope with the pressure ceaselessly ladled upon them.
Synopsis: Winner of the Notre Dame Review Book Prize, "Times Beach" is an ambitious collection of poems by John Shoptaw that evokes the cultural and environmental history of the Mississippi watershed and meditates on how its rivers are ceaselessly shaping, and shaped by, the lives around them.
ALV ) is ceaselessly building its electronics business and capabilities, and now it is aiming to reach $2 billion in sales for 2019 in its new electronics business segment which became operational on January 1, 2015, out of which around $1 billion will be active safety sales.
Such fields should be kept under crop cultivation ceaselessly to avoid chances of accumulation of minerals again.
Fitzgerald wrote it best: 'and so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past'.