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It was like an invasion, and after a while the ceaselessness and intensity of the shopping made Jerry a little queasy, and he was reminded, in almost hallucinogenic fashion, of a vast warehouse filled with tens of thousands of termites or carpenter ants, each one chewing and gnawing in full frenzy, eating out the hollowed middle of some certain structure that was sure now, under such relentless consumption, to collapse at any moment; and he could barely stand to stay inside any longer.
On the other hand, nineteenth-century narratives by William and Ellen Craft, William Wells Brown, and Frederick Douglass serve to demonstrate for Butler the founding of a lineage in African American writing of non-teleological journeys; that is, movement not so much to a final place--say, the North--but movement that in its ceaselessness and its incompletion valorizes "becoming" over "being," since, after all, the public states of being, status, or place historically permitted to African Americans contradicted the ambitions or hopes that impelled their movement in the first place.
And, mindful of the ceaselessness of change in a universe of process, he will seek to keep the future seeded with promise by closing each discussion with meaningful and forward-looking "et ceteras.