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To yield up; to assign; to grant; to surrender; to withdraw. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another.


verb abalienate, abandon, abdicate, abjure, accede, alienate, assign, bequeath, concede, concedere, conner, consign, convey, deed, deliver, devolve, dismiss, donate, give, give away, give up, give up claim to, grant, part with, quitclaim, release, relinquish, remise, render, renounce, reeounce claim to, resign, sign away, submit, succumb, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, turn over, vouchsafe, yield
Associated concepts: cede jurisdiction, cede territory
See also: abandon, advance, attorn, bequeath, bestow, concede, confer, contribute, convey, defer, devolve, disown, forfeit, give, grant, offer, pass, relinquish, remise, resign, submit, supply, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, yield

TO CEDE, civil law. To assign; to transfer; as, France ceded Louisiana to the United States.

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8% respectively of the total premium ceded to reinsurers in 2014.
GLOBAL XLPro is used to manage the entire ceded reinsurance process from placing the reinsurance through the production of regulatory reporting.
It said: "No territory belonging to India was ceded nor sovereignty relinquished since the area was in dispute and had never been demarcated.
As Vice President and Manager of Ceded Reinsurance Operations for Liberty Mutual Group, Elaine Caprio Brady is responsible for managing credit risk and the corporate reinsurance portfolio, as well as establishing policies and procedures for reinsurance placement and contract administration, including reinsurer and broker relationships.
State-run Oman Oil Company (OOC) is in talks with Oman's Ministry of Oil and Gas to take on an exploration block ceded by Britain's BG Group, a senior Omani oil official said on Sunday.
The ceding company, as a liability on the balance sheet, accrues for the ceded premium that is owed to the reinsurer.
Under the current rules, the computation for net reinsurance ceded risk does not provide a credit charge offset for reinsurance contracts with authorized reinsurers supported by trusteed collateral, according the authors of the proposal.
In the case of licences ceded between competitors, price-setting, restrictions on sales and the division of markets and clients constitute specific restrictions and are therefore prohibited.
By 1800 in Neuchatel, the ideas guiding those who regulated marriage, and to some degree those who entere it, sound much more familiar than foreign, though, as Watt makes clear, this familiarity disappeared when the area was ceded to Napoleon in 1806, which ende the possibility for divorce.
An additional 35,000 acres would be ceded to the Navajo Nation.
The revised draft, presented by the NAIC's Fronting Working Group, would permit an admitted insurer to cede business to an unlicensed reinsurer if the amount of written premiums ceded to a single, unlicensed reinsurer does not exceed 1 percent of the licensed insurer's policyholder surplus in the previous year and if all such reserve liabilities do not exceed 5 percent of the insurer's policyholder surplus.
SBLI of MA ceded two blocks of business to SBLI Re on a co-insurance basis.