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The Ghanaian cedi remains vulnerable amid the sizeable current account deficit and could depreciate more swiftly than we anticipate.
Por ello las unidades de empaque y de venta afectan los procesos logisticos centrales sobre todo del lado del cliente (resurtido) y del CeDi (picking).
With its currency, the cedi, fast becoming not worth the paper it is printed on, Ghana's salvation may have to come from embracing the US dollar.
"The fall in the cedi has wholly been of Ghana's making, it is a massively overheated economy," said de Klerk.
This leads to the introduction of the novel Central European Drought Index (CEDI), which is discussed and evaluated in the following section.
The cedi syndication was oversubscribed by 35% while the dollar syndication was oversubscribed by more than 90%," Ikpoki added.
Siemens Industry Automation Division has launched the Ionpure VNX CDIT module as an addition to the Ionpure VNX series of modules for continuous electrodeionisation (CEDI).
* System consists of pretreatment, reverse osmosis (R0), continuous electrodeionization (CEDI), storage, "polish" and distribution system as indicated in Figure A.
The process combines Electrodialysis (ED) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI), both applying an electric field to draw sodium and chloride ions across ion exchangemembranes and out of the water.
In January, Ghana auctioned its first three-year, fixed-rate bonds in more than a year following a decline in consumer-price inflation and a steadying of the domestic currency, the cedi. Demand was almost double the 200 million cedis offered, the bank said.
The world's second largest cocoa producer and regional economic heavyweight is expecting sustained growth after having stabilised its cedi currency.