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To yield up; to assign; to grant; to surrender; to withdraw. Generally used to designate the transfer of territory from one government to another.


verb abalienate, abandon, abdicate, abjure, accede, alienate, assign, bequeath, concede, concedere, conner, consign, convey, deed, deliver, devolve, dismiss, donate, give, give away, give up, give up claim to, grant, part with, quitclaim, release, relinquish, remise, render, renounce, reeounce claim to, resign, sign away, submit, succumb, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, turn over, vouchsafe, yield
Associated concepts: cede jurisdiction, cede territory
See also: abandon, advance, attorn, bequeath, bestow, concede, confer, contribute, convey, defer, devolve, disown, forfeit, give, grant, offer, pass, relinquish, remise, resign, submit, supply, surrender, tender, transfer, transmit, yield

TO CEDE, civil law. To assign; to transfer; as, France ceded Louisiana to the United States.

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The capital requirement to settle the ceding company's claim is much higher.
Such disputes generally center on whether the "reinsurance accepted" limit of a facultative certificate constitutes a limit on the reinsurer's obligation to reimburse a ceding company for expenses paid in addition to the limits of the certificate.
A transaction encompassing a block of the ceding company's book of business, the reinsurer must accept all business included within the terms of the reinsurance contract.
The draft Regulation makes a distinction between the ceding of licences between competitors and between non-competitors, given that the competition problems that arise in the two cases are not the same.
93-6, Accounting for Multiple-Year Retorspectively Rated Contracts by Ceding and Assuming Enterprise, is a specialized industry issue that affects property-casualty insurers (ceding enterprises) and reinsurers (assuming enterprises).
The capacity in which each party asserts its claim must be the same; for instance, if a reinsurer has several contracts with the ceding company, the outstanding balances of each contract may be offset against each other.
Ceding all or a portion of the risk to reinsurers would help minimize the effect of abnormal attritional or catastrophic losses, which could threaten a microinsurer's financial stability.
Under the bill, where a mortgage guaranty insurer cedes insurance to another mortgage guaranty insurer not licensed under New York law, or to an insurer that insures or reinsures other lines of insurance in addition to mortgage guaranty insurance, the ceding insurer can receive credit for such reinsurance as an asset or as a reduction from liabilities where the assuming insurer establishes and maintains in a segregated trust assets equal to or greater than the assets found in the mortgage guaranty insurer's contingency reserve, or four percent of the outstanding total liability under the aggregate insurance policies assumed from the mortgage guaranty insurer.
CEDING COMPANIES AND reinsurers could be freed from the strictures of current regulations if a new principles-based reserving system is put in place, according to a presentation made by actuaries to state insurance regulators.
Two of the models require the temporary ceding of authority by a diocesan bishop in a troubled diocese to an AEO bishop, granting him or her full jurisdiction over a church or parish seeking AEO.
First, some contend that fronting threatens the solvency of the ceding insurer.