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The purchase of Celare is the first step on our acquisition trail and we expect to make further announcements before the end of the year.
Trellis's homonymous "ars" in "Ars est celare artem" is a pun that that cross between English and Latin, the anatomical and the aesthetic.
At the same time, however, he may also be brilliantly applying the adage ars celare artem: there is no greater artistic refinement for the courtier - and the poet - than to deny that his work is the product of any craft whatsoever.
Chi ditto harebe ch'un si caldo amore fortuna fusse messa a disturbare, intende, o diligente auditore, che non e vitio gia volere amare ma vit[i]o e non celare il suo furore; facia fortuna cio che puol fare, per spine non star gia ricoglier viole al bon intendador poche parole.
Quanti applausi quella sera per celare le lagrime che bagnavano gli occhi a quella gente disperata che dopo tante burrasche affrontate con cuore intrepido si vergognava di piangere; tanti, che forse l'eco ti dura ancora nel cuore
273) si nota ad esempio come, dietro la generica poeticita del poliptoto Cupidinem formonsum deum formonse cubantem si potrebbe celare una piu specifica e giocosa allusione a passi come Hom.
The tendency of illusionist fiction to minimize aesthetic distance as well as the conspicuousness of its discourse are regulated by a last principle which, in accordance with the rhetoric and aesthetics of antiquity, the Renaissance, and the eighteenth century, may be called the "principle of celare artem" (of of the concealment of artificiality).