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For their 25th wedding anniversary on June 24, Franklin and Jo are celebrating with the family and timed the inauguration of their car dealership Toyota Valenzuela at the end of the week.
Responding to concerns regarding celebrating Eid after Ramazan28, the minister said that the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee had made a mistake while sighting the Ramazan moon and that they tried to rectify it by celebrating Eid on the right day.
He added: "Celebrating the goal last week, people who know about football, who love this sport, know about the importance of this."I have all the respect in the world for the Liverpool fans.
'A Happy Noauroze to all those celebrating it', the Prime Minister said in a tweet posted on his social media account.
At least three more events in this format celebrating traditions from various cultures are lined up and AHDR and Home for Cooperation hope the project continues after that.
Revelers, many wearing dresses of the national flag colors, have adorned their cars and vehicles, celebrating the happy annual days.
The question arises whether despite celebrating their birthday only once every four years, those born on February 29 also get upset when friends, colleagues and family members still fail to give them birthday shout-outs.
JURGEN KLOPP won't stop his title-chasing Liverpool players celebrating if they win at Manchester United today.
'Cambodian Buddhists strictly follow the teachings of the Buddha, so there will be many youths and Buddhists celebrating this holiday,' he said.
'I know we're not celebrating, but I had to buy you a card at least.
(WAM) 13 / 16 Kuwait participates with the UAE in celebrating its 47th National Day.
The Fenerbache midfielder showed his support for the protection of Children's right, when he posted on Twitter, celebrating the day.

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