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The most important message, that I want to convey during these celebrative days of May, when 70 years ago Nazi Germany in Europe was broken, is that we should not allow politicising and monopolising the outcome of the Second World War.
The event finale will be a celebrative Philippine Heritage Showcase featuring the children's folk dance troupe, "Malaya.
Although there were complaints that the decision to withdraw was made without proper consultation and reluctance on the part of some die-hard activists to leave, a cheerful and celebrative farewell rally was held on the evening of April 10 and the Sunflower leaders vowed to continue their anti-CSSTA efforts.
Chief Minister's Adviser on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique, Minister for Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed, PTI members in including Dr Nausheen Hamid, Dr Seemi Bokhari, the central secretary of the party provincial information secretary Andleeb Abbas, and JamateIslami secretary general Liaqat Baloch took part in the celebrative event in front of Punjab Assembly.
Similar to fireworks but more traditional, this acts as a means to express happiness and celebrative joy.
It is a joyful and celebrative affirmation of the feast of life that such an expansive call to living the abundant life of the Trinity--and therefore the mission of God--extends to all.
Another very popular celebrative song, "Happy Birthday," was composed by Mildred J.
About MACs Women Through empowering meetings, educational resources and celebrative social networking events, MACs Women's Group, the global online community for progressive women entrepreneurs, provides a productive home for aspiring and professional women business owners with an innate focus on creating supportive and nurturing alliances with other women.
This is a weekend rotational VBS program--two sessions and a Sunday celebrative service.
This beautiful and mysterious text is part of the liturgical, celebrative style of Colossians and echoes some of the cosmic glory of the great hymn in 1:15-20.
Con la terza categoria (53-104), secondo un'organizzazione cronologica degli avvenimenti conciliari, dall'annuncio e preparazione remota del Vaticano II, attraverso le sue fasi celebrative, fino alla sua conclusione, vengono segnalate le ricostruzioni storiche, generali e pio settoriali (apporti particolari per continente; regolamento e sua evoluzione; tappe significative progressive del dibattito conciliare).
The entire country is now in celebrative mood with many offices closed for the extended holidays.