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Australia also has its fair share of unorthodox celebrators.
A spokesman said: "Over the last 30 years our high quality roasts have become incredibly popular so we thought why not give our fellow birthday celebrators a birthday present?
In the New Jersey resort city, New Year's Eve celebrators will have to spend close to 600 percent more than usual compared to regular rates.
They follow in the footsteps of Prestatyn Town, who went undefeated in 30 games when they finished top of the WAL in 2005/06, and Halkyn United, celebrators of a 19-5-0 (won, drawn, lost) record in 1999/2000.
The newspaper said that police briefly skirmished with the armed celebrators and managed to arrest the groom's father while others fled.
The police have made special arrangements this time and installed fences on key link roads of Clifton to stop the youths and new year celebrators at different check posts.
Art parks across San Francisco, aka "North America's Greenest City," last ear's Earth Day celebrators showed heir true colors--and green wasn't one of them.
It appears that some of the busiest holiday celebrators in town will be Leicester's senior citizens.
It is also customary to slaughter a sheep as an offering for a new house, building, shop, car or child, and the meat is divided in thirds, with one third going to the family and friends, one to the celebrators themselves and the remaining third is distributed to those who have little and lack much.
Kiir also surprised thousands of celebrators at John Garang's Mausoleum during the same occasion that the long awaited creation of new counties will not be possible due to lack of money to finance their administrations.
MANILA, Philippines, Safar 7, 1433, Jan 1, 2012, SPA -- Despite a government scare campaign, firecrackers and gunfire injured nearly 500 people in the Philippines as celebrators welcomed the new year in one of the world's most dangerous celebrations, AP reported.
Celebrators must follow the traffic laws in order not to endanger their lives and others.