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On the other hand, the most affordable US destinations in which to ring in the New Year are Indianapolis and Baltimore, where celebrators should find a room for less than USD100.
For the cheapest available double room in Miami Beach, holiday celebrators will currently have to spend close to $400.
Geek glasses are very popular, as well, and celebrators can choose from a wide variety of green glasses from Ozeal.
The police have made special arrangements this time and installed fences on key link roads of Clifton to stop the youths and new year celebrators at different check posts.
Another pilgrim cursed the captors and prayed for the destruction of the FSA as he was hoisted atop shoulders of celebrators.
So there were a number of cases where they harassed celebrators.
Tens of thousands of celebrators thronged the streets of Tehran, toting pictures of 64-year-old Rowhani and chanting pro-reform slogans as news of his victory spread on Saturday night.
I was taught in a grass-roofed class, and now I am the minister", she told the celebrators.
Art parks across San Francisco, aka "North America's Greenest City," last ear's Earth Day celebrators showed heir true colors--and green wasn't one of them.
Masses of celebrators took to the streets of different Libyan cities in order to express their great pleasure on the happy occasion.
The ring tightened in on the five and cut them out of the shoulder-to-shoulder celebrators.
Agency reveals festive site Birmingham creative agency 383 has unveiled an app designed to add sparkle to Christmas parties by allowing seasonal celebrators to create a shared party jukebox.