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In May last year, a wedding celebration in Saudi Arabia turned into a tragedy after one man was killed and two were injured by celebratory fire.
More celebratory events are planned by the club during 2015.
In spite of its illegality, many locals consider firework displays and celebratory gunfire an inherent part of the wedding ceremony.
Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store, aiming to become a "culture resort department store," will recommend the joys of introducing culture and arts to people's lifestyle such as breaking of a sake barrel, Japanese traditional music and performances, celebratory drink, items related to the yearly zodiac sign and lucky charms.
The charges were also connected to sexual violence in Cairo's central square during large celebratory gatherings.
BEIRUT: The Syrian authorities are taking steps to crack down on the firing of weapons to celebrate President Bashar Assad's taking the oath of office, after celebratory gunfire during his election win last week killed or wounded dozens of people, a pro-regime media outlet said Tuesday.
Children demonstrate their cooking skills at The Food For Life celebratory ceremony event at Garden Organic, Ryton.
And while it will be some time before his son, Harry, aged six, gets involved, the celebratory events will not only be for family but for the whole community too.
Mercedes-Benz India, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI)(FWB:DAI), is launching the C-Class Celebratory Edition to commemorate the 10 million vehicle landmark for the C-Class.
Dixon and colleagues sought to see if these celebratory sounds could hide the fact that players were losing money on these so-called 'losses disguised as wins.
Mayor Cllr Ian Dalgarno proposed that members mark the occasion by going out for a celebratory meal to be paid out of the mayoral fund.
Summary: Bahla: A celebratory function was organised yesterday at the Bahla Fort to mark the opening .