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That's why advertisers now a day's try to use mix of advertising strategies in order to gain customers interest, and among all of these strategies used by the advertisers in the television through broadcast media the most important strategy is use of use of celebrities in their advertisements,
Licensing arrangements in which celebrities allow their name, likeness or works to be used to develop new products in exchange for royalties or fees, such as Nike's "Air Jordan" sneakers; and
Whether it is an individual or a group of celebrities.
Susan Zechter, Founder of Celebrity HotSpots and Author of the Celebrity HotSpots guidebook series, states "There are many celebrity-oriented sites that focus on what celebrities are wearing, who they have or have not been dating, or simply are all about gossip.
The media insists on giving too much attention to celebrities but only to feed the constant demand of the public.
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York succeeds in showing (and in promoting) literary celebrities as people who must anxiously negotiate the public disclosure of their private lives and contend with debates about their superficiality or authenticity.
Some pooh-poohed the concept of a fundraising sports weekend with numerous cricket celebrities.
Julian Payne is a fun and entertaining documentation of the relatively unknown occurrences that shadow the lives of many of today's celebrities.
Even celebrities desperate to repair a severely battered image take a carefully structured approach to the media rehabilitation process: Their "crisis management" firm negotiates with a network morning news show for a round of softball questioning, lets Larry King compete with Barbara Waiters for the wet-eyed prime-time redemption, then ghost-writes the "How I Rebounded From Rock Bottom" story for Parade.
While undeniably more commercial in tone and generic in construction than his previous films, Where the Truth Lies, Egoyan's 10th theatrical feature, is nonetheless a continuation of his examination of the fissures in the foundations of how we come to know ourselves, each other, and, specifically in this new film, those pervasive and strangely intimate presences in our lives, celebrities.