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A power cut temporarily put paid to his turkey dinner, but also left the electric security gates jammed shut, making the pop prince a prisoner of his own celebrityhood.
Woodward has tried to shun celebrityhood by not going on every talk show that invites him, speaking publicly only on subjects he's written books about or is reporting on.
My favorite combinative ad, however, features a one-time kid now grown up to a kind of professional celebrityhood himself, as the look-alike son of one of America's most beloved twentieth-century comedians; in an endearing flashback, he recalls his father's supposed advice about natural foods - and then advertises the whole-grain cereal himself.
Helpful Videos Show How To Handle Celebrityhood -- On and Off the Red Carpet
In the saturated world of celebrityhood, she stands out.
CELEBRITIES, by their very nature, tend to become stale and repetitive, but even more so when they have no talent to speak off other than selfdeclared celebrityhood.
And that's where the delusions of celebrityhood abandoned me.