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Nothing is sacred to Rose; many times he sells the supposed bat he broke Cobb's hit record with, and he uses his celebrityhood to keep his associates enthralled so that they will continue to lend him money to support his gambling.
We're shining that light of celebrityhood on academics and students and professors and making them celebrities for the night.
It is only natural that we have ordained our detectives to the office of celebrityhood.
They could be extraordinarily disarming as they had not an ounce of prima donna or celebrityhood.
Call it the Puffy nobody knows, a side of his personality and professional drive that has been buried by the weight of his celebrityhood, and has made him, he says, one of the most misunderstood people in the music industry.
For one, it is the dogma of Irish Republicanism; for the other, the dogma of glamour and celebrityhood.
He sees the media creating a "culture of celebrityhood.
A power cut temporarily put paid to his turkey dinner, but also left the electric security gates jammed shut, making the pop prince a prisoner of his own celebrityhood.
Woodward has tried to shun celebrityhood by not going on every talk show that invites him, speaking publicly only on subjects he's written books about or is reporting on.
Sex, Fear, and Feminism, propelled Roiphe, then a 25-year-old graduate student in English literature at Princeton, to minor cultural celebrityhood.
My favorite combinative ad, however, features a one-time kid now grown up to a kind of professional celebrityhood himself, as the look-alike son of one of America's most beloved twentieth-century comedians; in an endearing flashback, he recalls his father's supposed advice about natural foods - and then advertises the whole-grain cereal himself.