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Chrysops cincticornis nigropterus Fairchild, 1937 Florida Record: Fairchild 1937, FSCA Synonymy: Chrysops celer var.
The product range, which is being developed by the London-based Celer in partnership with NBAD's e-commerce and technology teams, will enhance the bank's existing electronic platform NBAD iTrade and allow international clients greater access to regional products, including FX, money market deposits, fixed income and NBAD research capabilities.
Ben Cuthbert, Chief Executive Officer, of Celer says: "We are extremely excited to be working with such a dynamic and knowledgeable partner as National Bank of Abu Dhabi to assist in creating a portfolio of game changing e-commerce solutions for their growing global markets business.
Parasitoids imported into California for quarantine studies include braconid parasitoids reared from wild olive fruit fly, (A) Psyttalia lounsburyi, (B) Bracon celer and (C) Utetes africanus, as well as braconid parasitoids reared on other fruit fly species, including (D) Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, (E) D.
Or celeriac, with its lovely celer y-like taste, purees to a silky smooth fi nish with some butter or a l ittle stock.
SOPHIE'S Beau looked a winner waiting to happen on his last start and carries the nap vote in Goodwood's Celer Et Audax Median Auction Maiden Stakes.
Ki Deus ad dune escience E de parler bone eloquence Ne s'en deit taisir ne celer, Ainz se deit volunteirs mustrer.
18) Still more intriguingly, Philostratus, in his Lives of the Sophists, mentions one Caninius Celer who, under Hadrian, wrote an "Araspas in love with Panthea", quite possibly a novel about Panthea.
Caecilius Metellus Celer, see Quinn's "Introduction," xv-xix and Cicero's Pro Caelio.
Celer, an adjective, means quick or swift; the Latin adverb is celeriter, celerius, celerrime.
00) kicks off proceedings in the opening Celer Et Audax Nursery Handicap.
At Goodwood, punters can get off to a good start with Cummiskey in the Celer et Audax Nursery (2.