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POLE. A measure of length, equal to five yards and a half. Vide Measure.

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The integrated time series of celestial pole offset and original data with the determined jumps are shown in Figure 9.
37) Given the early focus on the celestial pole in early Chinese astronomy, it would be surprising if the inconstancy of such a highly symbolic location did not register with observers in the Chinese Bronze Age.
On the other hand, the south celestial pole, along with the stars near it, are never above the horizon as seen from Europe.
All star trackers work the same way: You put one on a sturdy tripod and aim its axis toward at the celestial pole.
Prior to comparison, the observed data were smoothed to contain only the periods longer than 10 days, and long-periodic part of the observed polar motion and celestial pole offsets (for periods longer than 16 years) was removed.
Our Earth's North Pole points to a spot in the sky called the north celestial pole.
We lack a significant pole star in the southern hemisphere so many people use the Cross to find the south celestial pole.
Skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere are expected to have a clear view of the comet because it will initially appear high in the sky, near the north celestial pole, all night.
The latitude of an observer on earth is the altitude of the north or south celestial pole.
This spot is circumpolar, just 14[degrees] from the north celestial pole, so the Ursids are active all night (and all day too).
FCN causes variations in the position of the celestial pole, with period of about 430 solar days and average amplitude of 0.
Bootes, the Herdsman, keeps the heavens in motion by chasing the two bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, around the celestial pole.