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A says in passing that, just as the proper theme of music is the seducer, the proper theme of painting is "celestially transfigured beauty" (17)--why not look to that transfiguration as the highest form of aesthetic expression?
Participants have to be experienced sailors as the trip can take over 300 days and they can only navigate celestially.
More than that, Elizabeth senses Mary's child is as exceptional as her own, celestially ordained, the fruit of faith and confidence in God's goodness.
Distinctive prose reveals strong characters with engaging voices; indeed, when Laurel and Tom sleep side-by-side, Laurel finds it "completely, celestially different" from prior experiences.
Although, terrestrially, governments enjoy the sovereignty over their territories needed for the state to define and enforce property rights in those territories, celestially, things are quite different.
For in choosing to commemorate the SAI'S significant Native presence in 1911 at the site of real and asserted absence, the SAI Centennial Symposium honored, as well, a much older Native presence in what is now Ohio: a presence dating not simply to the eighteenth century but to at least two thousand years ago, when Indigenous peoples constructed not only the Newark Earthworks but many hundreds of monumental and celestially aligned mounds and embankments, many of which are still extant in the Ohio landscape, and to at least ten thousand years ago, when Indigenous peoples created a quarry, also near Newark, from which to extract flint in order to construct high-quality weapons and tools--that is, to create technologies.
75 percent of the closest stars to our solar system are red dwarfs, meaning that the closest Earth-like planet could be just 13 light years away 6 a mere 76 trillion miles or so, which is virtually next door, celestially speaking.
Afficionados of Northeastern beadwork are quite familiar with a recurring repertoire of ancient double curves; sun, star and other celestially inspired motifs; beautifully executed zigzag borders of varying levels of complexity; stylized floral designs derived from both local flora and, eventually, European influence; even human figures from traditional creation mythology.
The decision to go down one avenue rather than another is attributed to relatively prosaic forces of inclination; brain surgeons do not assume their choice has to come from a celestially dictated organization of their brains.
This darling boasts a golden and celestially light pastry shell enclosing a near miraculous blend of not only the headlining cheese and mushrooms but also savory roasted garlic and organic wild strawberries!
All four authors connected the Temple and Stonehenge spiritually and celestially as being plans of the universe.
Hanukkah, traditionally, is a splendid time for Jews in need of miracles, and the more celestially minded among Hapoel Tel Aviv's fans were hoping that the same gracious God who found it in His heart to make that oil last just a few nights more would also help their team hold on to the dream of European glory for a little while longer.