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All four authors connected the Temple and Stonehenge spiritually and celestially as being plans of the universe.
Hanukkah, traditionally, is a splendid time for Jews in need of miracles, and the more celestially minded among Hapoel Tel Aviv's fans were hoping that the same gracious God who found it in His heart to make that oil last just a few nights more would also help their team hold on to the dream of European glory for a little while longer.
Here's a 10-item list to assist you in your new celestially linked tradition.
For us, as winter begins, we can take heart in the fact that, celestially, we pass the halfway point to the start of summer today.
We therefore conclude, first, that the custom of orientation was (without doubt) celestially motivated; and second, that this custom was (probably) for the dolmen to face the rising sun on the day building started.
But not only were the "Doctor" shirts celestially white, they also had stiff necks, or collars
Equal to every effort and master of the entire range of sentimental poetry, he can now shake us with highest pathos, now soothe us with celestially tender feelings; but above all his heart is inclined to a lofty spirit-filled melancholy and, as sublime as his harp, his lyre sounds, yet the melting ones of his lute will still ring truer and more deeply and movingly.
For a leader to have to make plans to move his people from celestially beautiful islands, where their ancestors have lived successfully for thousands of years is tragic, even more so when you know it's not an act of nature, but through global warming caused by the lifestyles of people in rich countries like New Zealand and Australia.
In a sky so blue you can almost see the night behind it, tattered clouds appear, celestially white above, the color of pewter below.
Kirch also composed the star patterns of Gladii Electorales Saxoni and Pomum Imperiale for the Elector of Saxony and for Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I, but all three of Kirch's royal remembrances failed to remain celestially enthroned.
Her flattened, cream-colored silhouette outlined sketchily in black reappears on the banners in varying sizes, expanding and contracting, and taking on different orientations: floating celestially in her traditional position overhead in a swath of sapphire-blue, positioned under the gateway threshold; reclining on her back at the bottom of the inside back panel, where she emerges palms-up from the deepblue "underworld" like a vessel; and on the right-hand margin of the outside back panel, arching toward the outer edge in repeated and stacked vertical scallops, as though climbing upward to form a decorative framework.
The International Astronomical Union has decreed that Pluto and all its icy, celestially pint-size ilk be cast from the brotherhood of planets, and henceforth the number of our solar club shall be eight, not nine, as it's been since Pluto's discovery in 1930.