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Celibacy is one mode of coming to terms with one's sexuality.
The outlook of those church fathers spread in Europe, resulting eventually in the Vatican mandating celibacy for priests.
In a nationwide poll, 76% of those surveyed said that they were against priestly celibacy.
The order's founders envisioned a congregation unrestricted by age, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation--and one in which celibacy would not be required of priests--and their order thrives despite absence of recognition by the Roman Catholic Church.
Celibacy causes frustration and sickness - you only have to look at the Christian church for proof of that.
Pope John Patti contributed to these woeful numbers by his intransigence on such issues as birth control, divorce, celibacy and the ordination of women.
I object to the doctrine of clerical celibacy on practical grounds: It has weakened the institution of the clergy by reducing the number of vocations, creating needless barriers of understanding between the clergy and the laity, and weakening the credibility of the church's teachings on sexual morality.
SEX was once seen as a mainstay of its schedules but Channel 4 is breaking ground - with a film about celibacy.
But they are generally more orthodox on issues such as celibacy, liturgical rituals and the role of women in the Church.
Yet psychiatrists do not consider celibacy a form of mental illness; celibate persons are not said to suffer from "anerotica nervosa.
May I also add parenthetically that your far-flung subordinates need to be a little more discriminating in their defenses of the doctrine of priestly celibacy.
Frank, 71, said the most pressing need was for the celibacy vow for priests to be lifted and the priesthood opened to women.