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It is difficult to understand how, possessed of these combined attractions, she should remain Miss Brass; but whether she had steeled her heart against mankind, or whether those who might have wooed and won her, were deterred by fears that, being learned in the law, she might have too near her fingers' ends those particular statutes which regulate what are familiarly termed actions for breach, certain it is that she was still in a state of celibacy, and still in daily occupation of her old stool opposite to that of her brother Sampson.
the suffering angel had remained in the heartless state of celibacy twenty long years, and that for the sake of a man who could forget her
I do not see how she can rise to a position, whence such a step would be possible; but even in celibacy it would be better for her to retain the character and habits of a respectable decorous female.
A Gothic statue implies celibacy, just as a Greek statue implies fruition, and perhaps this was what Mr.
She cut the love-scenes, interpolated passages in praise of female celibacy, and was guilty of other glaring pious frauds.
There is no union of the sexes, and every Shaker, male and female, is devoted to a life of celibacy.
This is a way of life which reminds me of the period when I was myself in a state of celibacy, and Mrs.
Thus, celibacy is particularly fitting to a Catholic priest for, by virtue of his vocation, ordination and functions, he is called to be Alter Christus (another Christ).
We also know that the majority of Catholics are in favor of having married priests and keeping celibacy optional.
According to National Catholic Reporter, the priests noted that celibacy can cause unnecessary suffering, "often lead[ing] either to fruitless loneliness and social isolation or helpless work agitation.
The church has typically enforced a practice known as clerical celibacy, through which clergy members who have assumed the role of priest or higher are expected to devote their life to God and sacrifice the possibility of getting married or starting a family.
Vow of Celibacy is a funny and smart exploration of sex, love, and every woman's road to body-positivity.