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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Caption: Figure 3: Histopathologic findings: (a) intermediate magnification of "jigsaw pattern" with biphasic cell nests showing outer somewhat palisaded small blue cells and central basaloid cells with slightly more abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm as well as fibrous stroma, H&E stain, 200x; (b) basement membrane material investing periphery of epithelial nests, PAS stain, 200x.
The basal and peritrophic membranes exhibited a moderate reaction to PAS, allowing their identification; whereas the regenerative cell nests and muscle layers were negative for this histochemical test (Fig.
Gonads destined to be males were identified by duct structures within the gonad lobe as well as by more elongated germ cell nests. These morphologically distinct features resulted in an early demonstration of the corradiating pattern of ducts and lobules seen in more advanced testes.
B, High-power photomicrograph showing spindle and epithelioid cell nests with intermixed osteoid formation.
Microscopically, tumorous tissue revealed proliferating squamous cell which were characterized by presence of epithelial pearls and cell nests. Electron microscopic examination of tumorous tissue revealed pleomorphic epithelial cells with enlarged nuclei.
of cases Incidence % 1 Normal 585 69.67 2 Abnormal 255 30.33 1 Salpingitis 124 14.76 Acute 32 3.81 Chronic 83 9.87 Tuberculosis 5 0.59 Suture granuloma 4 0.48 2 Hydrosalpinx 56 6.65 3 Salpingtis Isthmica Nodosa 4 0.48 4 Ectopic pregnancy 58 6.90 5 Endometriosis 3 0.36 6 Paratubal cysts 6 0.71 7 Walthard cell nests 2 0.24 8 Actinomycosis 1 0.12 9 Primary Tubal Adenocarcinoma 1 0.12 AGE WISE DISTRIBUTION OF TUBAL LESIONS:
Interleukin-2 protein and CD3 [sup]+ and CD8 [sup]+ T cells were present in the cancer stroma and cancer cell nests [Figure 1].
A rich vascular network invests the tumor cell nests (figure 1, A).
Histopathology revealed presence of cell nests confirming squamous cell carcinoma.