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AZT, for example, tries to block HIV before it can reproduce in the T cell nucleus.
They used sophisticated cloning technology to implant a "dead" cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another frog species.
Genome organization and function in the cell nucleus.
So, receptors both in the cell nucleus and on the surface could contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes, Nadal says.
It carries instructions from DNA in the cell nucleus into the cytoplasm, where basic housekeeping functions are carried out and proteins manufactured.
The gene produces structural proteins known as lamins, which are found in the cell nucleus.
Instead of analyzing individual components or aspects of the organism, such as sugar metabolism or a cell nucleus, systems biologists focus on all the components and the interactions among them, all as part of one system.
Reviewing current knowledge about the organization and functional compartmentalization of the cell nucleus, the 27 articles in this collection are arranged in five sections on the nuclear periphery, chromosomes and chromatin, nuclear bodies, functional organization, and nuclear architecture during differentiation and disease.
They further showed that Yap1 is inactivated by a known tumor suppressor called alpha-catenin, which binds to Yap1 and keeps it outside the cell nucleus.
However, the team altered some of the mice so that the extra catalase went into the cell nucleus.
Understanding repair of DNA in specific regions of the packaged structure in the cell nucleus is crucial to understanding why certain DNA lesions are not repaired for long times in human cells.
CTI) reported today that research in animal models indicates that a single intracellular pathway may serve as a "super highway" bypassing normal intracellular signaling pathways to rapidly transmit stress-related and potentially cell damaging signals to the cell nucleus.