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On a global scale, vaccines created using the WI38 human cell strain prevented about 4.
Rabies vaccines can also be produced in human diploid cell strain (WI-38 and MRC-5).
05, which yielded varying numbers of genes altered for each cell strain (strain 1:674 increased, 408 decreased; strain 2:382 increased, 411 decreased; strain 3:1,058 increased, 1,019 decreased; strain 4:714 increased, 665 decreased).
immunization against rabies with rabies immune globulin, human (RIGH) and a human diploid cell strain (HDCS) rabies vaccine.
Candidate cell substrates for a new smallpox vaccine also include continuous cell lines or diploid cell strains of human or animal origin.
We considered that the expression efficiency of fluorescent protein genes could also be used as a criterion to evaluate the quality of cell lines and cell strains cultured in vitro.
This move is intended to strengthen Taconic's tADMET portfolio of models, while Medicyte will better its distribution of products, increase market visibility and enter into new markets for its hepatocyte cell strains.
Tissue culture of immortal cell strains from diseased patients is an invaluable resource for medical research but is largely limited to tumor cell lines or transformed derivatives of native tissues.
A legal expert said this would probably mark the first time that human cell strains will be auctioned in the country.