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05, which yielded varying numbers of genes altered for each cell strain (strain 1:674 increased, 408 decreased; strain 2:382 increased, 411 decreased; strain 3:1,058 increased, 1,019 decreased; strain 4:714 increased, 665 decreased).
Candidate cell substrates for a new smallpox vaccine also include continuous cell lines or diploid cell strains of human or animal origin.
The human cell strains obtained from several tens of people were seized by court officials from the headquarters of the Japan Human Cell Society in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward in July, according to the sources and a court notice.
therapeutic) product, methods by which primary and secondary cells are transfected to include exogenous genetic material, methods of producing clonal cell strains or heterogenous cell strains, methods of gene therapy in which the transfected primary or secondary cells are used, and methods of producing antibodies using the transfected primary or secondary cells.
The cell bank contains about 20,000 capsules carrying, among other substances, some 600 kinds of leukemia cell strains found in the human body.
This newly licensed technology includes "ACTCellerate" technology for methods to accelerate the isolation of novel cell strains from pluripotent stem cells, rights to use approximately 140 distinct clones that contain many previously uncharacterized cell types, and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS) technology that permits cells of the human body, such as skin cells, to be transformed into an embryonic state in which the cells will be pluripotent, without the use of human embryos or egg cells.