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Oxidative stress was reported as a mediator of arsenic-induced cell transformation and carcinogenesis (Carpenter et al.
However, the sT-Ag of MCPyV constructs altered to lack a functional PP2A binding domain still initiates cell transformation (29).
purpurea juice and its lyophilized residues were demonstrated to lack mutagenic potential and to not cause chromosomal aberration or cell transformation.
This degradation of proteins by the cell's ubiquitin system controls cell growth and prevents malignant cell transformation.
Overexpression of FoxM1 potentiated cell proliferation, cell transformation, and migration/invasion of CRC cells via up-regulation of FoxM1 target genes MMP2 and MMP9 and protected these cells from thiostrepton-mediated antiproliferative effects.
Fas-ligand (FasL), a member of the tumor necrosis superfamily, which is preferentially expressed in the basal layer of the skin epidermis, is a key surveillance molecule involved in the elimination of sunburn cells, but also in the prevention of cell transformation.
Northwest Hospital (Seattle, WA) has patented a method of identification of a novel role of Nr-CAM in cell transformation and aberrant cellular proliferation.
Electroporation is utilized for cell transformation applications, where plasmid DNA is used as the foreign matter to transform bacteria, yeast and plant protoplasts.
On the positive side, this Lean cell transformation is allowing us to better support the warfighter by making better-quality products," said Barbara Wilson, an aircraft mechanical parts worker in the engine transformation office.
30) The ITAM containing motifs of gp30, LMP2A, and K1 have been shown to be capable of cell transformation.
2,3,4) Stress reaction to GMF exposure leads to loss of sustainable state by the system and causes the system to search for new states that might be expressed in cell transformation.
Professor Lane, one of the world's most renowned cancer specialists and director of the Cancer Research UK Cell Transformation Research Group at the University of Dundee, wasted no time in opposing the plan.