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'Our cement factory, together with others in the industry, can supply the market's needs and compete with imported cement on quality and price,' Hour said.
Republic Cement is currently the country's second largest cement-maker in terms of annual capacity at seven million tons.
Asia Cement (Asia) with this acquisition will also be able to secure a 100% stake in Lanfeng Cement's wholly owned unit Sichuan Lanfeng Building Materials Co.
Taiwan's top-tier cement producers, including Taiwan Cement Corp.
Monteiro developed a model to determine how the chemical composition of each cylinder's cement and the amount of water used to make the cylinder influenced the formation of cracks during sulfate exposure.
Under the terms of the agreement, which settles a 16-year dispute on anti-dumping duties on Mexican cement imports, the U.S.
As a result of the meeting, the metalcasting industry will participate in a mapping project to pinpoint the locations of cement kilns and other industries around the country.
For the experiments at the ESRF, Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) cement 133, issued in June 1999, was used.
The antral defect of the canal wall was repaired with ionomeric cement (Ionocem; Ionos GmbH & Co., KG, Seefeld, Germany).
"But Cemex already did a lot of cement trading in Asia before it joined Gresik and was, therefore, much more exposed to Asia than other Latin American companies."
However, many cement kilns are currently not operating under EPA permits, thus the tighter regulations don't apply.
The AGC has been asking the Commerce department and the Southern Tier Cement Committee--a collection of mass producers in the southern states--to withdraw a ban on cheap Mexican cement being sold in the US that it claims has resulted in a 55% percent increase in costs and a serious shortage in over 30 states.