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The company was the third cement manufacturer to announce expansion that followed such plans of DG Khan Cement and Cherat Cement since the announcement of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in April 2015.
Many cement manufacturers of the country have announced expansion plans with investments of up to $1 billion to meet the rising consumption needs.
Apart from giving incentives to players which will increase capacity, Aboitiz said the government should ensure the good quality of cement allowed to enter the market by following the ruling on 28-day 'curing' period for cement imports.
In 1984 under the regulation of Ministry of Production Pakistan, Cement Research Center (CRC) was established at Lahore.
Other prominent vendors are Al Safwa Cement, Aljabor Cement Industries, Eastern Province Cement, Fujairah Cement Industries, Jebel Ali Cement, Khalid Cement Industries Complex, Najran Cement, National Cement, Pioneer Cement, Ras al-Khaimah Cement, Southern Province Cement, Tabuk Cement, Teba Cement Factory, Yamama, and Yanbu Cement.
Asia Cement stated that the deal is subject to the approval from shareholders of Asia Cement (China) and Lanfeng Cement as well as Chinese authorities.
Asia Cement scored 630 million renminbi in earnings in China in the first half, with Taiwan Cement expecting over 700 million renminbi from China operations.
For instance, those concrete cylinders with the most tricalcium aluminate in their cement incurred structural damage sooner than other samples did.
Under the terms of the agreement, which settles a 16-year dispute on anti-dumping duties on Mexican cement imports, the U.
As a result of the meeting, the metalcasting industry will participate in a mapping project to pinpoint the locations of cement kilns and other industries around the country.