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When Cementation was reintroduced to the North American mining sector almost 20 years ago, underground mine contracting and engineering were core deliverables.
Post cementation sensitivity is one of the most signifi- cant complications in fixed Prosthodontics, especially when the prosthesis is cemented on teeth with vital pulps.
4G) and iron minerals cementation. The sandstones of the Mughal Kot Formation are dolomitized in different forms.
He persuaded me that despite the evident arid conditions the site would be subjected to very occasional major flooding events and that we would have to design accordingly." "My first task was then to persuade the directors of Cementation International that a site in the middle of the desert would be subject to flooding and that they would have to pay for the cost of flood prevention.
7 May 2019 - UK-based project, engineering and technical services group Wood (LSE: WG) has closed the sale of its Terra Nova Technologies, Wood's non-core conveyor systems business to Cementation Americas for USD 38m, the company said.
Weighing more than 100 tons and measuring 85 feet long, the Galloway had to be lifted over the top of the headframe and lowered blindly into position, Cementation noted.
Post cementation sensitivity in various clinical studies have been documented from as low as 3% to as high as 34%.1 In a study by Rosenstiel and Rashid Post-cementation sensitivity was about 10%.2 Johnson et al estimated the incidence of sensitivity to be 25% whereas Bebermeyer and Berg calculated it to be 10%.3,4
It is understood that adhesive cementation confers a synergistic reinforcement of glass-ceramic materials that results in fewer clinical-fracture events (7) and increased flexural strength, as has been measured in in-vitro tests (8).
By spraying bacteria and cementation solutions onto the surface of sands, calcium carbonate (CaC[O.sub.3]) is generated and rapidly precipitated into the pore space among sand particles.
Then, a series of tests were conducted to explore the effect of particle size distribution and cementation solutions on the efficacy of MICP.
The study was conducted to assess the salivary ph and microbial growth in patients wearing fixed partial denture before and after cementation.