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The activity of dental sac cells leads to the formation of the periodontal ligament and cementum [32].
All experimental sites showed new bone and cementum formation along the planed root surface [Figure 4], [Figure 5],[Figure 6].
We assessed individual variation in three dental methods used to estimate age of African lions: 1) crown wear, 2) pulp chamber closure, and 3) cementum line counts by comparing paired left and right [PM.
2 = Most part of failure occurs at the cementum enamel interface: adhesive failure.
We wanted to answer several questions about the cementum, such as how it is formed and why it behaves differently from bone.
Key words: cementum annuli, Cougar, gum-line recession, mammal aging, Mountain Lion, Oregon, Puma concolor
Therapeutic methods may involve tissue engineering to regenerate the alveolar bone, cementum, periodontal ligament and finally prevent recurrence of the disease.
Age was determined by extracting a tooth and using the cementum annuli aging technique, which involves splitting the tooth and counting the number of cementum rings, similar to aging a tree.
The tooth-like structures are have the same features as human teeth, human dental enamel, dentin, dental pulp and cementum, the statement said.
Cementum is similar in composition to bone and connects the periodontal ligament to the tooth root.
The root is then made up of a hard protective outer layer, cementum, and soft nerve tissue pulp in the centre.
A line bisecting lines 1 and 2 and continuing to the cementum.