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We wanted to answer several questions about the cementum, such as how it is formed and why it behaves differently from bone.
Accuracy of moose age determinations from incisor cementum layers.
The multinuclear cells of this area were distributed in the resorption pits of the cementum and the alveolar bone, forming a line along the pit rims.
Comparison of eruption-wear patterns and cementum annuli as age criteria in elk.
We collected the lower jaw from this animal and excised an incisor for analysis of cementum annuli (Gilbert, 1966).
It has been observed that coronal displacement of cementum in impacted teeth determined the age.
A lower canine was extracted and sent to a private facility (Matson's Laboratory, LLC; Milltown, Montana) for age determination using cementum annuli analysis.
The cells that form new ivory lie at the base of the tusk where dentin meets the hard outer layer of the tooth, called cementum.
Material from these ridges were at one time thought to be cementum, but further investigation has shown it to be made of normal bone.
Development of cementum in mylodont sloths, which includes Paramylodon, was presented as evidence for a grazing habit (Parker 1885), but this character also occurs in the living tree sloths (Ferigolo 1985), which are browsers.
The age determination was carried out by counting the cementum growth layer groups of the lower left incisor ([I.