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CENOTAPH. An empty tomb. Dig. 11, 7, 42.

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He said: "Who in the council planning department authorised the installation of an amusement ride the height of Nelson's column to be erected within inches of the cenotaph, which only last week was adorned in sombre reflection with poppies of remembrance?
First unveiled in 1923, the cenotaph commemorates those who died in the First and Second world wars.
A girl was urinating nearby, a man in a wheelchair was urinating on the cenotaph, while two sat on the other side smoking.
Led by the Lord Mayor, Cllr Roz Gladden, the service will take place at the Cenotaph on St George's Plateau, while throughout the region people will be taking part in dozens of Remembrance services.
The cenotaph doesn't belong to the council but to the village so we had to find the funding ourselves so I approached Sabic to see if they could help.
The handicapper took a pretty literal view of the form in raising Cenotaph 23lb to a new mark of 95, which puts him close to Listed class.
The Cenotaph was at no point intended to feature in the programme and therefore will not appear in the final film," the statement said.
Earlier, Chris Evans said footage for the new Top Gear series filmed near the Cenotaph in London is "disrespectful" and should not be broadcast.
In Brantford, a service begins at the Cenotaph at 6 Dalhousie St.
It was the second attack on the area around the cenotaph in less than a week.
However, past Sinn Fein mayors have laid non-poppy wreaths at the cenotaph to mark the July 1 anniversary of the Battle of Somme.
George Cenotaph included refinishing two bronze plaques, replacing the cenotaph base and walkway, as well as purchasing and installing two black granite benches and a new memorial sign.