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The war that provides the narrator with a suspiciously convenient excuse for Jacob's sudden disappearance thus becomes a metaphor for the academy's censorial tactics.
There is no censorial threat, motive, or element imposed by the rules in this case.
Un toma y daca en el que, de una parte, Irak utilizaba a Arnett para hacer llegar fuera del pais la informacion que le interesaba; y, de otra, la actitud rigida y censorial del Pentagono cumplio el mismo papel desde las bases de Arabia Saudi e, incluso, en las ruedas de prensa que se celebraran en Washington o en cualquier otro lugar del mundo occidental (31).
Throughout this period, his censorial profile remained so low that a newspaper account of a wedding he attended in the late 1930s simply described Binford as a "prominent Memphis insurance man.
Four appendices provide further documentation: they include (1) the text of various imprimaturs ("approbations," Waszink calls them) as well as censorial reports preserved in the Vatican, (2) Lipsius' Notae (722-82), (3) a set of disparate "observations on the structure and composition of the text," and (4) a section with items of linguistic and typographical interest.
On peut se demander si la referencea des motifs aussi divers que l'intervention policiere sur plainte de citoyens, le refus de scenarios, les avis juridiques des avocats sur scenario, l'autocensure ou les pressions de certaines institutions ne viennent pas proposer un champ censorial trop large qui aurait pu en demeurer, comme c'est le cas dans la plupart des entrees litteraires, aux interventions de l'eglise catholique, forte de son autorite et de son emprise, a celles de l'Etat par son Bureau de censure, ou a celles d'appareils d'Etat comme l'Office national du film.
Considering the nature of the story, the inclination to euphemize the plot on the title page was consistent with the censorial spirit of the times.
How can you possibly deny the censorial function of community newspapers, a function that tends to be diversionary (that is, pro status quo wealthy class) more than anything else?
L'interet de ce volume est de rendre compte, a travers des echanges epistolaires et des debats publics eclairants, des formes du changement censorial.
To complete the volume, Gaetana Marrone's essay on censorship in Italian cinema focuses on some of the horrific censorial episodes associated with director Liliana Cavani's career.
But in the meantime, I would like to salute Mitchell's adherence to his own reality in the face of a deeply censorial industry at the heart of a country gnarled with sexual fear.
To a certain extent, the displaced books filled up the gaps that the Soviet authorities themselves had made in the culture: when books arrived by cargo carloads, censorial supervision and ideological control were less strict.