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Thus, instead of censoring my ideas and critical views, they directly censored me by unlawfully and arbitrarily jailing me.
Under such a scenario, Knudsen wrote, Apple's policy of banning or censoring books it deems explicit would significantly restrict access to such books throughout the country.
Parametric bootstrap confidence intervals for the 95th percentile with no censoring varied in length from 0.
Clare's and Dutton's sustained attention to the Office of Revels further opened the discussion by their common focus on a particular institutional site of censoring authority and their disagreement about how that authority to censor was mediated.
The complaint requested a permanent injunction prohibiting the school district from censoring the religious song.
I didn't want Metropolis censoring me; it was horrible," says Luis Cespedes, head of business development for Bloomberg Chile.
If you start censoring books because they have witches in them, where do you stop?
Those who have had works challenged or whose work addresses controversial issues are routinely censoring their own artistic impulses.
Nevertheless, a version of the law, censoring incisors intact, was passed overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Clinton this February 8.
a technology consulting company in Des Moines, Iowa, says that cyberspace censoring itself just won't happen.
I don't want them getting off easy by merely censoring the availability of their repugnant material; that's irrelevant considering the magnitude of the issue.
We decided that the printer ought to have the courage to own up to its censorship, so we asked them to black out the cartoon and explain that they were censoring it.