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In such censorious situation, Pakistan needs to strive hard to overcome the emerging problems due to climatic change and must find possible solutions and strategies to make that happen.
There is nothing censorious about a society taking responsible steps to help those at risk of destructive behaviour.
Cyprus is the only member-state that has opened its doors to Russia, once again illustrating its subservience to Moscow, a subservience the Putin government has come to take for granted, if his foreign ministry's censorious statement is anything to go by.
In the process, whatever more limited objective he might have had in mind at first, he found himself a cultural revolutionary, a global brand, an impresario of arm candy, of sex with winks but not leers, driving the old, expiring, censorious America into the DTs.
The two are a study in contrast: the old man still lusty for life despite a crippling illness; and the younger Monzon (Greg de Leon, alternating with Rody Vera and George de Jesus III) now a rigid, censorious party-pooper who has nevertheless attained success by his own effort, on his own terms.
It's not the first time Facebook has been the target of an open letter as the result of overly censorious behavior.
Among the material is his Life of Origen, a biographical portrait in which Erasmus sets forth Origen's virtues for emulation, and asks censorious critics of Origen to consider the life he lived before they harshly judge and condemn him.
I'm sure Cardiff University will be pleased that there will be 2,000 more students being subjected to its union's censorious policies.
Further, she writes, "Any profits are being donated to support Samandal comics magazine, a fantastic publication in Beirut" whose existence is being threatened by the Lebanese government's censorious fines .
And, even if it were mid-season, whole generations of talented footballers seemed to thrive on a diet of booze, cigarettes and what were, back then in those less censorious days, referred to as 'dolly birds.
His politics, then, would have been anathema to those censorious leftists and middlebrow novelists who are taken seriously nowadays.
Most countries would label this as undemocratic and censorious.