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But again, in keeping with his commitment to "Mass und Mitte," to the avoidance of extremes, Ropke wrote censoriously of the delusions of an unrestrained capitalism, of an obsessive "economism" in which human society was led ineluctably towards a soulless mechanization and standardization, and he pleaded incessantly for the adoption of measures aimed at reducing the crowdedness and hothouse atmosphere of modern life.
The book is an attempt "to stage a historical salvo in Christianity's own terms" (typically overwrought language) and to save Christianity from "a censoriously normalizing social and cultural vision" (6).
I would suggest, more affectionately, I hope, than censoriously, that Booth's punctuation theory betrays a hippie-era wistfulness for a state of plentitude to be accessed simply by the undoing of modern regulation.