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The Independent permitted her to express ideas on Italian politics apt to be more censoriously treated in the British press, as well as to reach an American readership whose approach to Italian liberation was intertwined with its anti-slavery sympathies.
If one might apply the term "the politics o fcultural despair" less censoriously than the way it was intended by its German emigre inventor, Hofmannsthal, and to a lesser extent Rohan and Keyserling, exemplified that stance.
it was just wild", with Huck projecting as pointedly and censoriously as nowhere else in the book his distaste at "the shines that old idiot cut" (196).
His brother, Harold, somewhat censoriously continued the task and it was hugely revived by Benjamin Britten using some poems in his War Requiem in 1962.
I silently calm myself, debate with myself, or, more censoriously, berate myself, upbraid myself, goad myself along.
Yet even then, the reality of abortion was acknowledged, albeit often obliquely and censoriously.
The entry's opening description of Mary Godwin as a "singular" woman may not have been intended censoriously, since it was a word Betham knew was associated with herself in her youth: "Many people considered me a singular .
It is interesting that so much of the plot revolves around Stevie, given that his death, as well as his remarkable affectivity, is censoriously rebuffed when it is even acknowledged.
I ask them, bearing in mind the violence that permeates Undead, if living in a censoriously conservative state such as Queensland has affected the way they make films.
Both refer censoriously to the huge sums spent on weddings and to the self-serving hypocrisy of the commercial enterprises involved.