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We can't allow the screening of films on taboo subjects in our cinemas as it is not in our culture, society or even religion," a member of the Punjab Film Censor Board stated.
He did not say what new standards he would bring to censorship or how he would deal with censors who acted on whim.
Censor documents on Sem Lenco, Sent Documento (Without Handkerchief, Without Papers), a telenovela broadcast by Globo Network from September 1977 until March 1978, further illustrate the complex system of pressures and negotiations--between regime officers, media moguls, censors and telenovela scriptwriters--which changed the focus of the narrative and affected the dialogues between the main characters.
Israeli chief censor Sima Vaknin-Gil told the Los Angeles Times in an interview that Israel's laws dealing with censorship date back to the British Mandate in 1945.
Although Sweet Substitute did well in the United States, Kent recalls that it was banned in Britain, where censors felt it was too racy.
The censors ruled mineral water firm Highland Spring had gone off the rails with their ad, in which a woman drags her partner into a photo booth at Glasgow Queen Street.
What strikes us now is the incredible pettiness of the censors Fields had to deal with.
Through collaboration and clashes with Hollywood's Production Code censors, Alfred Hitchcock--born a hundred years ago--developed the art of suggestion into powerful cinema.
The censors themselves and former examiners describe what it is like to sit in judgement over the public's morals.
The truth is that South African lawmakers and censors were never at ease with merely political definitions of their intentions.
50 ways to fight censorship and important facts to know about the censors.