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Still, censors blocked access to the term "Shanghai stock market" and to the index numbers themselves on microblogs, along with other obscure references to sensitive issues.
Also, the members of Punjab Film Censor Board refused to watch the film saying it was based on a "taboo subject" and outrightly rejected any clearance certificate to it.
The FT report said posts with the Chinese name of the portly character were censored on China s Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo.
The image of Winnie and Xi in similar positions with their heads sticking out of vehicles was called "China's most censored photo" of the year by political analysis organization Global Risk Insights in 2015.
The amount of mail that has to be checked at Latvia's largest prisons --Riga Central Prison and Daugavgriva Prison--is higher, with each censor processing around 180 letters a day at Riga Central Prison, and around 300 letters at Daugavgriva Prison.
The Pahlaj Nihalani- helmed Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC), or censor board, had demanded heavy cuts in Udta Punjab over use of cuss words, drug scenes and references to Punjab and Punjab politics.
Meanwhile, a sequence in Ananth Mahadevan's 'The Xpose' showing a starlet in a transparent white sari has been trimmed by the censor board.
Jannati said he had reviewed some of the manuscripts the Ahmadi-nejad Administration had banned and concluded that, in many cases, censors had acted based on "irrelevant" issues.
His software detected a successful effort by censors to dampen the online outcry after a major train crash in 2011.
Evidence uncovered by an academic in Wales has revealed that scores of popular novels censored during the dictator's reign are still being published - in their Franco-era form.
Pope Benedict XIV's constitution Sollicita ac provida (1753) laid down for the first time rules for how the Church should investigate and censor a book.
The censors' report (23) on The Man who Must Die, episodes 52-57, illustrates how social conflicts and class struggles which appeared in the original script were replaced by internal disputes between two rival workers groups.