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I consider that Pantelides' failure to monitor the issue subsequent to 7/2/2011 is equally censurable, regardless of whether two ministers were present at that meeting," says Polyviou.
While his previous novels and short stories often contained censurable material, the message of The Old Man and the Sea seemed noble and simply beautiful.
X might intentionally bring about good or neutral consequences where, for example, X might intentionally help a little old lady to cross the road, but would be morally praiseworthy, not criminally censurable, for the deed.
Collaboration between counsel and the press as to information affecting the fairness of a criminal trial is not only subject to regulation, but is highly censurable and worthy of disciplinary measures.
The people's right to rebel has been opposed only by reactionaries like that clergyman of Virginia, Jonathan Boucher, who said: "The right to rebel is a censurable doctrine derived from Lucifer, the father of rebellions.
The house tops all about in the vicinity of the jail were literally swarming with the living mass; on one building we counted no less than twenty-five females, as early as eight o'clock, protected from the hot sun by umbrellas and evidently prepared to satisfy their singular and censurable curiosity at every risk.
The client may have difficulty examining the behavior without needing to disparage the action as a censurable aspect of the self.
Indeed, Narayana Daso Banhatti, the editor of the Poona edition of Udbhata's text, comments on this verse with disapproval: "This is not a very good example of vyajastuti," he says, for Parvati's beauty "is really censurable if it hinders her union with a fit husband .