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Similarly Ghulam Murtaza (charged of remaining absent during duty hours wilfully) and Yasir Arfat (charged of not taking interest in daily duties) were censured by converting their punishments from forfeiture of approved services to censure.
RBC Capital Markets Censured, Fined on Dispute Resolution Conditions
The Chinese anti-graft watchdog has censured 137 executives at ICBC, according to Reuters.
Neither Jara's explanations nor the actions of the executive were successful, and finally on March 30 Congress censured the prime minister and the entire Cabinet with 72 votes in favor, 42 against, and two abstentions.
Among those censured by the Vatican is outspoken cleric Fr Brian D'Arcy, who yesterday said he considered quitting the Church after learning the Pope wanted to silence him.
ABC censured the Sun-Times in July 2004 for fraudulently and increasingly, inflating its circulation from the late 1990s to 2003.
No president of the United States has been censured since 1834, when the Senate, under the lead of Henry Clay, voted 26 to 20 to censure President Andrew Jackson for having "assumed on himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and the laws, but in derogation of both.
The Army was set to be officially censured this afternoon over the death of a soldier at Teesport four years ago.
IRELAND has been censured by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for using the United Nations Law of the Sea's dispute settlement procedure to tackle Britain's pollution of the Irish Sea via the Sellafield plant.
Although the Senate has voted nine times to censure its own members, including Joe McCarthy in 1954, the last president censured was Andrew Jackson in 1834.
In December 1771, Meherrin Baptist Church censured John Pamplin for persistently driving his wagon on the Sabbath.