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Similarly Ghulam Murtaza (charged of remaining absent during duty hours wilfully) and Yasir Arfat (charged of not taking interest in daily duties) were censured by converting their punishments from forfeiture of approved services to censure.
was censured and fined for inaccurate short position reporting, while RBC Capital Markets faced disciplinary actions over conditioning an arbitration settlement on the customers' not fighting the firm's efforts to seek expungement.
THE Ministry of Defence is to be censured over the deaths of three soldiers on an SAS training exercise in the Brecon Beacons.
Global Banking News-December 8, 2015--137 bankers censured in China
Complaints that the Direccion Nacional de Inteligencia (DINI) spied on parliamentarians, opposition politicians, business people, and journalists ended poorly for the government of President Ollanta Humala when the full Congress censured Prime Minister Ana Jara.
Erol Rizaov in Utrinski vesnik reminds that the discussion of German MPs in the Bundestag for the conditions in Macedonia and their pressing statements, were fully censured by the media controlled by the Government.
A former Tennessee judge who garnered national attention after she changed a child's name from "Messiah" to "Martin" has been censured.
Past censure motions, however, have had a certain impact, with several censured ministers forced to step down.
The Vatican censured the priests over their position on issues such as the ordination of women, the ban on artificial birth control, and homosexuality.
AT least 200 people took part in a silent vigil in support of priests censured by the Vatican.
ABC censured the Sun-Times in July 2004 for fraudulently and increasingly, inflating its circulation from the late 1990s to 2003.
The Manitoba College of Registered Nurses censured a nurse for trying to adopt the child of one of her patients.