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This new census report is being released at a time when tax reform proposals are a major topic of debate in Washington.
Tuesday's census report covered only the rate of return of long and short census forms that were mailed in March and April to 120 million household nationwide.
Device Census Report for Q2 2006 shows that Openwave, Motorola and Nokia browsers have the highest adoption rates among wireless Internet users, with more than one-fourth of mobile Web users accessing the Internet via an Openwave browser (see Table 2).
India has lost over 50 per cent of its tiger population in the past five years with the numbers dwindling to 1,411 from 3,642 in 2001-02, according to the latest tiger census report released early this year.
Census report, Hispanics are starting businesses at faster rates than any other segment of the population, and by 2007, one out of 10 businesses will be Hispanic-owned.
In Los Angeles County, the new census report shows more than 940,000 children - comprising about 36.
According to the census report, Palmdale's population grew 51.
To those who don't know, reapportionment, based on the year 2,000 census report, will determine the geographical shape and demographic makeup of every political district in the state.
The census report reflects the fundamental shift in immigration patterns that has occurred since the 1950s, when well over half the nation's foreign-born residents still had European birthplaces.
The census report, released earlier this week, looks at some of the changes in household composition from 1970 to 1995.
Among the findings of a census report released Tuesday: The proportion of households that are married couples with kids is continuing to drop, but the decline has slowed since 1990.
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