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Emily Wilding Davison was particularly committed to 'deeds not words', notably hiding in the House of Commons on a number of occasions, including on Census night in April 1911 when she spent the night in a cupboard in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in order to state 'House of Commons' as her address on her census return.
One of my ancestors had six children, and 'McNeil' was spelt differently in every case on the census return.
Plus, it should be noted that the census return exaggerates the numbers of Welsh-speakers by very devious wording.
MacNamara, entitled "Are you getting all you can from your family documents?" Sometimes we see only the most obvious information in a document like a census return, birth certificate, or land record and miss important clues that can lead us to learn more about our families.
In September 2011, Census Office sent around 100,000 UPRNs to BSO-IRU, comprising a sample with a valid Census return and around 75,000 UPRNs for which a Census return had not been received--the list was completely anonymised in respect of whether the address was associated with a responding or non-responding household as this information was for Census purposes only.
The people at 6A have not filled in their census return, says another.
Digital images of a census form are available for GBP0.75 with transcribed details from the census return available for GBP0.50.
Once you have found the individual you require, you can view a digital image of the relevant census return. The image will be a complete page from the original enumeration book which will typically include more than one household.
The census return is an expensive exercise and it will not reveal how many were born here, are now resident in other parts of the world, some in receipt of pensions and others receiving current earnings but in tax havens, and others entitled to vote in elections, and in other ways have an influence on what happens in this country.
"So when the census is up and running, these helpers will be out and about, making sure we have a high census return rate in North Wales, which in turn will highlight where services and resources are needed most." There are 157 area mangers already trained and in place across England and Wales, and co-ordinators will be in post from early February.
However archivist Nikki Bosworth said, by 1901, according to a census return, Trehilyn was in decline, with one of the houses uninhabited and only 11 people living at the site.
It is bigger and more intrusive than the recent Census return!