census return

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The Tenth Federal Census return of 1880 lists 310 Jews, whom I identified and thus forty fewer than the counting done only two years earlier by the Jewish Board of Delegates.
Sometimes we see only the most obvious information in a document like a census return, birth certificate, or land record and miss important clues that can lead us to learn more about our families.
Users logging on to the site will be able to search under several categories, including name, place and address and look at a digital image of the census return for 75p.
A IT depends which census return you found him on, Marion.
The monumental task involves digitising more than seven million original census return images and indexing more than 130 million names.
He added: "We are confident that the vast majority of households will provide a full and complete census return.
This makes it very difficult to match a location on a census return with a particular surviving building today, unless it is highly distinctive or notable.
According to the 1881 census return, he was living in 21 Glebe Street as a Boarder.
However archivist Nikki Bosworth said, by 1901, according to a census return, Trehilyn was in decline, with one of the houses uninhabited and only 11 people living at the site.
Take a look at any census return from the 1800s and you will see the mass of Irish and Scottish families in and around our beloved region.
So when the census is up and running, these helpers will be out and about, making sure we have a high census return rate in North Wales, which in turn will highlight where services and resources are needed most.
Charlotte married John Garven on June 14, 1891 and the 1911 census return gives their address as 8 Welford Street Barry.