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CENTURY, civil law. One hundred. The Roman people were divided into centuries. In England they were divided into hundreds. Vide Hundred. Century also means one hundred years.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On a month-on-month basis, the urban index rose by 1.10 per cent in June 2019, up by 0.05 from 1.15 per cent recorded in May 2019, while the rural index also rose by 1.05 per cent in June 2019, up by 0.02 from the rate recorded in May 2019 (1.07) per cent.
However, the price of petroleum coke declined by 3 per cent, furnace oil 2 per cent and HSD 1 per cent.
Eastern recorded the highest registration at 42 per cent followed by Western and Central regions, which tied at 38 per cent.
Aside from Lim and Thomas, Malay respondents were quite disapproving of Mohamad (30 per cent dissatisfied) and Maszlee (26 per cent), followed by Dr Wan Azizah (19 per cent), Muhyiddin and Azmin both at 17 per cent and Dzulkefly at 14 per cent.
And those which missed out on the day included Unicap Modaraba (UCAPM) down by 12.33 per cent, Premier Insurance Limited (PINL) 11.27 per cent, Shadman Cotton (SHCM) 9.44 per cent.
"About 80 per cent of the stocks we have at our shop are discounted by up to 60 per cent. Our discounts even apply to our new arrivals -- the stocks that we just received yesterday.
ISLAMABAD -- The transmission and distribution losses of power distribution companies (DISCOs) have witnessed a slight increase during last one year and its average stood at 17 per cent.
Compared to the respective quarter of 2016, prices for shops, warehouses and offices rose 3.1 per cent, 4.5 per cent and 8.3 per cent.
Solihull had the best rate in 2016/17, at 42.4 per cent.
According to the report, which followed 672 news portals in 18 Arab countries, sports news is the most popular type of content on Arabic portals at 62 per cent. It is followed by regional news at 59 per cent and economic content at 50 per cent, whereas technology content is at 28 per cent and education at 13 per cent.
According to FBR, the regulatory duty of articles and equipments for table tennis has been fixed at 50 per cent, lawn tenis rackets, whether or not strung 50 per cent, badminton rackets 50 per cent, squash rackets 50 percent and lawn tennis balls 50 per cent.