center of activity

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Service contract intended to entrust a service organization for social service provision for the benefit of all staff in the employment center of activity in the Bas-Rhin (67) and the department of Haut-Rhin (68).
Movement was quantified by computing the mean squared distance from center of activity (MSD; Slade and Swihart, 1983).
This individual is the center of activity between programs, facilities, and users, and is responsible for the facility's immediate and long-range responses to program access issues.
Shenzhen is the center of activity and home to seven of the companies profiled in this report.
The Parachute Pavilion will be an all-season center of activity, drawing the public onto the boardwalk, the beach and Surf Avenue, and to a new recreational destination," said Joshua J.
As the new center of activity for the resort, The Village will bring an additional 19,925 square feet of retail and restaurants and 7,000 square feet for an expanded spa and fitness center along with a swimming pool with poolside bar and cafe.
VALENCIA - Kirk Hansen, a maintenance worker at College of the Canyons, found himself at the center of activity during last summer's Foothill Fire, as thousands of firefighters swarmed the command post set up on campus.
We are going to do a bar that will be a center of activity and an intimate cafe.
The European Union is the current center of activity for co-firing, since it provides incentives, subsidies and substantial returns for companies investing in emission improvements.
The park will become a center of activity starting July 3, when the Inventing Flight organization will host an elaborate series of events celebrating 100 years of man's ability to fly.
BI's modus operandi focuses on customer needs rather than product type, thus providing the client with comprehensive telecommunication solutions and, more specifically, placing the customer at the center of activity.
Being out here is like being in another city, you're far removed from the center of activity,'' he says.

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