center of activity

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The Deseado Massif region is the center of activity for gold-silver exploration, development and active mining in Santa Cruz province.
Built in 1903, the Santa Susana Railroad Depot was the center of activity in the early part of the century when railroads played an important role in the nation's commerce and travel.
With the Angels' training room the center of activity these days, Bergert is getting plenty of work.
7 million square-foot area of new and renovated mixed-use buildings has become a center of activity in Portland's Pearl District.
The town's center of activity usually is the Plaza de Armas, circled by shops, a museum and, of course, the town church.
Since its major renovation in 1998 South Station has become a vibrant center of activity," said Chapdelaine, "With the completion of the "Big Dig" South Station is now easily accessible to thousands of workers.
The Pena Creek Field remains a center of activity as TXCO continues its successful infill drilling program to reach bypassed reserves in the San Miguel formation.
It stands ready to be used as a center of activity by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to meet our country's growing security needs now and for years to come.
Houston places us in the center of activity for this industry segment.
The blend of retail with neighborhood, residential, civic, cultural and professional services in Victoria Gardens promises to make it the center of activity for the Rancho Cucamonga community and its `new downtown,'" said Brian Jones, president, Forest City Development California, Inc.
The addition of HJ Ford's technical professional services to DRC's capabilities significantly expands DRC's presence with the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a center of activity for the Defense Department force transformation initiatives now being developed," said James P.

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