center of consciousness

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I am directly aware of myself as such a center of consciousness and as the experience
the heart is the center of consciousness and thinking, and you should teach this at your schools (is it true that you have brain surgeons?
Thought "is always an ordeal of becoming-other, a radical transformation of the self that dislocates the center of consciousness and makes it susceptible of non-ordinary states of affect and perception" (22).
Puckett reads the novel as "a long meditation on middleness" (78) insofar as it fuses its formal middle with its center of consciousness.
Sherry Anshara, Medical Intuitive, author, and founder of the QuantumPathic [R] Center of Consciousness in Arizona, will show participants how to eliminate core negative belief systems and allow them to achieve elevated personal power, improve personal relationships, and manifest optimal job situations.
It is more than a center of consciousness occupying a region of space-time (as suggested by essay #13, "Why Humeans Are Out of Their Minds").
The manuscript is not written in the first person, but Winston is the center of consciousness through which we see the world.
The conscious self is the center of consciousness and agency, says Lund (philosophy, Bemidji State U.
Indeed, the authors note, information reaches the emotional components of the brain in less than half the time that it takes to reach the center of consciousness (pp.
This ultimate center of consciousness cannot be proved but is to be experienced slowly by way of listening, pondering and realizing (sravanam, mananam, nididhyasanam).
The novel's center of consciousness is Aubrey Tearle, a retired proofreader living in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.
The language of the mystic points as well to the reality of Christogenesis, or the realization of Omega, when the cosmos in its particularities is united in an ineffable embrace, each particularity a center of consciousness, centered in itself, and every center touching every other center by dint of being centered in the ultimate Center of Christ-Omega.

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