center of gravity

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If you can't install an eyebolt hole at the center of gravity due to an interlock, water line, or some other obstruction, you can work around the problem by adding a lifting bar.
The COG constructs currently used in doctrine and practice either fall short of providing a useful method for discerning a hybrid threat's center of gravity or omit the concept entirely.
It is only the constitution of Pakistan that can and should serve as the real center of gravity for Pakistan, its real binding force.
2]/s) indicates the area, which describes variation of center of gravity during the examination.
This is still an accurate representation of where the Center of Gravity lies.
Is the center of gravity always in the center of an object?
1994) which used the center of gravity rather than the center of volume as the midpoint of the log.
The goal is to do the most severe knee-bending directly under your body, not high out in front of your center of gravity.
A lightweight beta titanium face insert and crown provide power, deepening the center of gravity in the clubhead for a high-launch, low-spin take-off and more roll upon landing.
The continuous shift in the global economy's center of gravity toward Asia with its enormous labor reserves also means that the employment prospects not only for low-skilled but increasingly high-skilled employees in the industrial nations will continue to deteriorate.
The 100D26-LH high-speed tire uniformity machine, developed for laboratory use, has a low center of gravity owing to its horizontal operation.

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