center of gravity

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The critical requirement that possesses the capability to accomplish the identified objectives is the ISIL fighters themselves; therefore, this army is ISIL's operational center of gravity.
The low center of gravity enhances BRZ's sensuous beauty with its shapely fender flares.
2 shows center of gravity trajectories (patient body motion) focus and direction of motion vector evaluation.
A key to maximizing GameSpeed is to have your center of gravity in front of your drive foot no matter what direction you are moving.
Station 3: The meter stick's center of gravity should be located at the center of the stick.
As seen in Table 2, the only methods which provided non-biased estimates in every test were the Newton and Center of Gravity methods.
A fellow does not maintain his low center of gravity without a single- minded devotion to proper nutrition.
In spherical objects, this center of gravity is the sphere's geometric center.
As the dynamic glide begins, the weight shifts back onto the support leg heel and the center of gravity is raised and replaced in the direction of the throw.
Each of these revolutionary new irons is injected with the exclusive new Callaway Tungsten Weight Matrix, a heavy mixture of tungsten and other metals that creates a precisely placed, extremely low center of gravity to help golfers hit shots with optimum trajectory and maximum forgiveness.
How is it that their torsos are so unified, their center of gravity so high up?
Astronomers have believed that theMilky Way and the Andromeda galaxy, M31, form a binary system, bound together by gravity and orbiting their mutual center of gravity.

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