center of interest

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I rose, jaded and rusty, and went to the noon meal, where I found myself the center of interest and curiosity; for the news was already abroad.
The contract involves the monthly provision of statistical information on business trips made by residents (natural person whose main center of interest in France, whatever their nationality) who have made spending abroad, to feed the post expenses under Travel of the balance of payments of France.
The only requirement was for them to create a negative space within their weavings that would become a center of interest.
The capabilities and achievements were exhibited at an impressive stall which is the center of interest due to its colorful and diverse display under the theme "Colours of Pakistan.
The articles begin with biographies written by early Italian humanists but the center of interest soon moves to Germany.
Meanwhile, Demre town became tourists' center of interest in the province.
The center of interest should stand out or be emphasized by contrasting large and small, short and tall, or by a change in direction.
People differ on why, but are again aware that Japan has resurfaced as a center of interest in the world.
Undoubtedly, his 171 Russian radars, obtained from the Russian government, have been the center of interest.
The center of interest is not the text, but the "script," a somewhat metaphysical entity, realized only in performance, and completed only by the release of psychic energy in an audience.
Background was also incorporated in the sketch as a finishing touch, but the owl should be the center of interest.

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